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Hello and thank you for stopping by. My name is Monica Viggars and I believe that great products and services are created by great product teams. I help to set Product Managers and teams up for success through in-person coaching, mentoring and establishing communities of product practice.


Coaching for Product Managers

Does your company have Product Managers who could benefit from coaching? Whether they are entry-level or entirely new to Product Management, I offer a tailored approach to helping PMs improve their skills and capabilities and reach their full potential.


Product discovery coaching

Whether you’re a start-up wanting to take your product to the next level or a more established business that wants to better understand how to validate ideas and find the right solutions, I am here to help.


Ways of working coaching

I help product teams to become high-functioning and fast, with a tailored approach to ways of working. Whether that’s helping to define a team’s purpose, vision and outcomes or agreeing roles and responsibilities.


Companies I have worked with


“Monica energised the team with her diplomatic, enthusiastic, cheerful and productive ways. We came out with so many ideas and a clear direction to follow. Having implemented the new bits, we saw an immediate increase in bookings”

— Simon Morley, CEO at Perched

Rather Good Consultancy